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Firetwirling [14 Dec 2010|10:15pm]
Some firetwirling photos from the weekend..

Mikhail firetwirling

I cast fireball over there!

Toby firetwirling

Mikhail firetwirling
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fcuk the warehouse [05 Dec 2010|11:08pm]

fcuk the warehouse
Originally uploaded by Wintrmute.
Taken on D700 in Macauley, Melbourne.
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Insomnia [21 Jul 2010|11:56am]
I just couldn't sleep last night, and that particularly annoys me because everything was perfect.

* Gentle rain outside.
* Reading in bed for quite a while.
* It was late.
* Brain free of maddening thoughts.
* No caffeine for nearly 12 hours.
* Hot milky drink consumed a little while ago.
* Kitten already snoozing on the other side of the bed.

I mean, come on, what more do you want? That's like the list of ultimate best sleeping conditions ever! Some days I just don't know what's going on..
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Apollo Bay at night - redux [15 Jul 2010|12:55am]
Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay at night
This is the companion photo to the previous one.. Taken on my D700 instead.
There's also another almost-identical one to the B&W shot up on Flickr, but I preferred the tighter crop of this one.
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Apollo Bay at night [14 Jul 2010|11:55pm]

Apollo Bay at night
Shot with Nikon FE + Nikkor 35mm f/2 on Fujifilm 400CN, then processed in Ilford ID-11.

My first home-processed film :)
There are a few other photos on Flickr now too.
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Hacked up nVidia drivers for Ion LE [22 Mar 2010|06:51pm]
My MacBook is over three years old now, and I decided it was time to get a new one..
Have bought a Samsung N510, which is technically slower than the MacBook (Atom N280 vs Core2), but it's also half the weight, double the battery life, and since I have a good desktop PC at home, I'd rather have the portability than the power. Also, I can get the Samsung new for the amount I can sell the MacBook for second hand, which is important given that I'm generally a bit skint these days.

The new laptop has the nVidia Ion LE chipset; this is notable because the "LE" version is crippled, but purely in software. I've hacked up the current nVidia drivers to enable the full power (well, as much power as the non-LE version gets). Might be of interest to anyone else who has a laptop with a "Ion LE" chipset, anyway..

Here's a link: http://www.zshare.net/download/740159720a658a85/
It's based on the 195.62 drivers; I might release newer versions as time goes by.

(Info on how to do it was found on the http://myhpmini.com site.)
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Doof pics - 2009/10 [14 Mar 2010|03:02pm]
Ooh Yeah NYE party
Doof pics - Summer 2009/10

I've finally processed the roll of film containing all these..
Photos from Strawberry Fields, Ooh yeah, Mix in the Stix and Maitreya (after it had become Mudtreya, but before it became totally-flooded-treya).
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Wind turbines [02 Mar 2010|10:23pm]

Wind turbines
Originally uploaded by Wintrmute.
From a trip earlier this year.
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Soon I will be invincible [18 Feb 2010|12:38pm]
So I read a book a couple of years ago that I liked, called "Soon I will be invincible!"

I just discovered that the author, prior to writing this novel, had been working on computer games, including some of my favourites:
* Ultima Underworld
* System Shock
* Thief
* Deus Ex

Who knew?
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Abbotsford Convent [30 Jan 2010|06:45pm]
Abbotsford Convent, in infrared.
Taken at the Australia Day Flickr meet.
Abbotsford Convent (IR)
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It's been a while [26 Nov 2009|06:40pm]
I knew it had been a while since I posted last, but didn't realise it was quite this long! Nearly two months.. I really seem to be much more active on Flickr forums, Twitter, and Facebook. :(

I guess I've been kept rather busy since moving in - between doing loads of DIY, buying and installing furniture/whitegoods/etc, and a certain girl, there's just been very little time left over.

In the time left over I have been:
* To the zoo
* To friends' picnics and parties
* Cycling
* Clubbing just a couple of times
* Looking for a housemate (note: still looking, first one pulled out)
* Playing Dragon Age
* Playing Tales of Monkey Island
* Learning Scala
* Learning to play the guitar (very very badly and slowly)
* Working on my pet coding projects
* Planting a vegie patch, a tree, and a rose bush.
* Wandering around an abandoned stadium & taking photos.
* Planning my 30th birthday party.

Currently I am: In Brisbane, at the Open-Source Developers Conference.

This weekend I am: Going to the Strawberry Fields festival, near the Alpine National park.

An Exit

Victoria Park stadium
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Infrared angels [27 Sep 2009|11:31pm]
One of the photos from Abney Park:
Abney Park
(It looks best Viewed large on black)

Others are linked here (or at least the most recent ones are from this trip)

There are also a couple of shaky handheld infrared pics from Cambridge.

Sleepy now.. It's been another big weekend - Shane's "surprise" birthday party on Friday; then epic packing on Saturday; then today (Sunday) went up to Ballarat for the Foto Bienalle (sic) exhibitions.. then back to Melbourne and hit Earthdance at 6pm in time for Sun Control Species' live set.. hung around until about 8pm then headed off home for dinner and photo edits.
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Not in rivers, but in drops. [22 Sep 2009|08:17pm]
According to the use-by dates on milk cartons in the supermarket, they will expire *after* I am a home-owner. :D

I've been busy since I arrived back in Melbourne.

Tonight I have been listening to great music while eating tasty vegie food I made, and generally life is good.
Over the weekend I went to a club night called Machine on Friday, then Paul's 0x21st birthday pirate party on Saturday, then Sunday was the High Vibes street festival in Northcote.
I liked the music at Machine - just have to try and convince a few friends to come along next time. It was interesting techno with perhaps a touch of psytrance influence.

I've been sleeping very well since I arrived back in Australia.. in fact, thanks to jetlag, I've been reliably getting up before 7am and arriving at work earlier than I have ever. I am not trying to fight it; if I can continue to get up early and get more done (and not be horrendously late to work) then it's only a good thing.
However, the yawning-my-head-off before midnight needs to stop!

This post will also be the last one I post directly on LJ, as I'm moving over to Dryfter @ Dreamwidth. I'll continue to cross-post things to LJ indefinitely though.
I'm doing this because Livejournal (the company and software) has stagnated. Dreamwidth has forked the codebase, and is actively improving it, fixing bugs, and adding new features. I approve. Whether they can make any money out of it is another issue, but time will tell..

Please feel free to add me to your Reading List there; also note that you can use your LJ login (via OpenId) there if you don't want to create two accounts.
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Toby angry now! [15 Sep 2009|10:03pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Angry at Malaysian Airways.

Discovered that the tickets I have been given for next flight are NOT for the flight I booked.
This one goes via Jakarta and arrives in Melbourne a couple of hours later.

Gnrgh. They didn't even tell me - I just happened to notice the flight numbers didn't match up, and asked why. They couldn't even give me an explanation!


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Some things never change [03 Sep 2009|08:17am]
.. like the way I dislike waiting for buses in the rain, who have blatantly lied when they claim they come "every 8-12 minutes". Hmph.

Something else that never changes.. The way that mail-ordered items mysteriously vanish.

I ordered a bunch of railway tickets online, last week, to be delivered to where I'm staying in London.
I ordered all these at the same time, on the same credit card, to the same address..
The first ticket arrived last weekend, but the others still haven't turned up.
Seeing as there are only two more deliveries before I need to use the tickets, I am losing hope of seeing them.
I can foresee a long, unsatisfying time on the phone to TheTrainLine.com tomorrow.

(Side note: In the UK, if you order train tickets online more than a week in advance, you get a decent discount on the trip; buying the tickets at the station tends to result in wallet-hurt.)

Aside from all that, I had nice day. Bed now! Look, I've stayed up all the way to past 11pm! Go me :)
This whole "waking up and feeling bouncy before 7am" thing is weird. I kind of like it, and I kind of don't.
Ideally I'd like to continue to wake up at 6am feeling energised, but lose the getting-tired-at-9pm bit.
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In the UK [31 Aug 2009|04:22pm]
Have arrived in UK.
Was surprised at number of people still wearing masks everywhere; I thought we were over the flu scare?

I failed to get to a party on Sunday night; I took a quick disconap at 7pm, thinking I might try and get up at 8pm and head out, but I guess it wasn't a surprise that I slept straight through to 5am.

So, have spent the morning sorting out a UK SIM and mobile internet.
I'm on Orange, the number is 077-9281-7239.
The prepaid internet is five pounds per 7 days, unlimited, which sounds pretty good compared to my roaming data costs :P
On the other hand, the "unlimited" bit seems to be a bit naughty, as I'm stuck on 2G, ie. the absolute dark ages as far as mobile broadband goes. Seriously, 10kb/sec - WTF?

Still, enough for the occasional use. I won't be checking my email quite as frequently as usual though :)

Anyway, it's time to get some breakfast, and then head out!
I gather there's a BBQ gathering this evening, and I reckon I have a much better chance of making that one..
Apologies for failing to get to last night's party!

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Book recommendations? [19 Aug 2009|01:11pm]
Hey all,
I have a couple of ultra-long flights coming up, and I don't want to have to rely on the in-flight entertainment options.. I like reading on flights. I like reading fun, easy and engaging novels.
I do have various books in my "half finished" or "to read" piles, but by virtue of their presence in that stack, they can't meet my criteria.

Have you read any books recently that you liked, and think I'd like to read in those circumstances?


Edit: Possibilities, have you read these? What did you think?
* House of Suns - Alistair Reynolds
* The City & The City - China Miéville
* Pygmy - Chuck Palahniuk

Another possibility is that I might just go back and re-read something, maybe Look to Windward by Iain Banks. Although I suspect I have it in hardback :/
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Cheeky phone app [13 Aug 2009|05:54pm]
I found this phone app that is so cheeky - "SnapTell"

You take a photo of something, (either the front of the item, or the barcode) and then it looks up the item online.. somehow.. and then gives you some reviews of it.. and links to online shops' prices.. and prices of shops near you selling it and their price.

I presume their business model is that they get a kickback if you follow a link through to, say, amazon and buy the thing.

But it's such a cheeky way to haggle in stores, I mean, you could almost instantly say - hey, I can get this item for *click* *pause* this much just around the corner! Will you match it?
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Skiing accident [11 Aug 2009|09:11pm]
Skiing was fun.
Five of us drove up to Mansfield on Friday night, and stayed in this bungalow on a farm, full of beds, about half an hour drive from Mt Buller.

Each morning, we piled into my Subaru at 8am, which I was rather surprised could actually manage to fit five adults plus all their skis, boots, clothes, etc into it, and I drove us to the mountain. In the evening I drove us back while everyone else napped..

Buller itself claimed to have 75cm average snow depth, but this seemed to be a blatant lie.. The bottom parts of the mountain had about 0 to 5 cm of cover, which surely means the top half would need 150cm to average out at 75cm.. However it was more like 20-30cm cover around there at best. *shrug* oh well, it was definitely skiable - you just often had to load onto the lifts halfway down, instead of all the way.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I don't seem to have forgotten how to ski, despite not having been on a mountain for about eight years. Also a pleasant surprise was discovering that the best snow seemed to be on a particular valley that only had black runs on it, thus ensuring that the lift at the bottom never had any queues on it.

I did have a bit of a stack on Sunday, and it was a good and proper one, where you spend five minutes walking up the mountain picking up your skies, poles and items of clothing. Unfortunately it seems my camera copped a battering in the process - see the photo below!
Luckily I was just carrying around a budget point-and-shoot that I have precisely for occasions where I don't want to risk the D700, so it's not a great loss. I am slightly disappointed that the screen broke though, but I guess it must have copped a ski binding or something to the back of it while I tumbled down the mountain.
I had contemplated taking the old Nikon FE up the mountain, as it's practically indestructable - however maybe it's for the best.. I suspect if I landed hard on it, I'd be more likely to break a rib than to break a camera!

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Updates [28 Jul 2009|09:47pm]
Just discovered my British passport expired in late 2008!
I'm so used to places emailing, or at least posting, reminders that I'd forgotten!
I hope I can renew it in the next 30 days, or else I'll have to get a holiday visa to visit, and that would be silly..

Hmm, what else have I been up to lately?
My StepMania dance mats arrived, but I haven't organised a dance party yet. Would anyone come out to Reservoir even if I did?
I've found a good selection of random tracks that are a bit different to the usual DDR candy-raver stuff.. Nine inch nails, Neurotic fish, Tool, a few metal tracks, KMFDM, oh, and the Sisters of Mercy. Now you can do the four-step goth dance and get scored for it :D

Continuing to noodle away on the guitar; I think I'm gradually improving.
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