Toby (wintrmute) wrote,


Just discovered my British passport expired in late 2008!
I'm so used to places emailing, or at least posting, reminders that I'd forgotten!
I hope I can renew it in the next 30 days, or else I'll have to get a holiday visa to visit, and that would be silly..

Hmm, what else have I been up to lately?
My StepMania dance mats arrived, but I haven't organised a dance party yet. Would anyone come out to Reservoir even if I did?
I've found a good selection of random tracks that are a bit different to the usual DDR candy-raver stuff.. Nine inch nails, Neurotic fish, Tool, a few metal tracks, KMFDM, oh, and the Sisters of Mercy. Now you can do the four-step goth dance and get scored for it :D

Continuing to noodle away on the guitar; I think I'm gradually improving.
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