Toby (wintrmute) wrote,

Some things never change

.. like the way I dislike waiting for buses in the rain, who have blatantly lied when they claim they come "every 8-12 minutes". Hmph.

Something else that never changes.. The way that mail-ordered items mysteriously vanish.

I ordered a bunch of railway tickets online, last week, to be delivered to where I'm staying in London.
I ordered all these at the same time, on the same credit card, to the same address..
The first ticket arrived last weekend, but the others still haven't turned up.
Seeing as there are only two more deliveries before I need to use the tickets, I am losing hope of seeing them.
I can foresee a long, unsatisfying time on the phone to tomorrow.

(Side note: In the UK, if you order train tickets online more than a week in advance, you get a decent discount on the trip; buying the tickets at the station tends to result in wallet-hurt.)

Aside from all that, I had nice day. Bed now! Look, I've stayed up all the way to past 11pm! Go me :)
This whole "waking up and feeling bouncy before 7am" thing is weird. I kind of like it, and I kind of don't.
Ideally I'd like to continue to wake up at 6am feeling energised, but lose the getting-tired-at-9pm bit.
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