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It's been a while

I knew it had been a while since I posted last, but didn't realise it was quite this long! Nearly two months.. I really seem to be much more active on Flickr forums, Twitter, and Facebook. :(

I guess I've been kept rather busy since moving in - between doing loads of DIY, buying and installing furniture/whitegoods/etc, and a certain girl, there's just been very little time left over.

In the time left over I have been:
* To the zoo
* To friends' picnics and parties
* Cycling
* Clubbing just a couple of times
* Looking for a housemate (note: still looking, first one pulled out)
* Playing Dragon Age
* Playing Tales of Monkey Island
* Learning Scala
* Learning to play the guitar (very very badly and slowly)
* Working on my pet coding projects
* Planting a vegie patch, a tree, and a rose bush.
* Wandering around an abandoned stadium & taking photos.
* Planning my 30th birthday party.

Currently I am: In Brisbane, at the Open-Source Developers Conference.

This weekend I am: Going to the Strawberry Fields festival, near the Alpine National park.

An Exit

Victoria Park stadium
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